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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Abalone - Take Two

Stiffed yet again by my unreliable ab dive buddies, I decided conditions were safe enough for my second solo abalone venture (the first is linked here). Well, not quite solo. My guardian angel was keeping watch from the bluff top, as well as photo documenting the dive (will update with her pictures later). Went in from the side, and dove in 6-8 feet of water with 12-18 inches of visibility, near the bluff out toward the point.

Pictures from above:

The search is on...

putting an abalone away

working my way out through the kelp and surf

Enjoying a traditional apres-dive brew.


Took three, but kept two. The third one was kind of odd - got the iron under it, grabbed the edge of the shell and headed back to the surface. Got there with the shell, but no abalone. Must have been old or diseased. Anyway, stuck to the letter of the law, and limited myself to three takes and two keepers. They were on the small side, but with no dive buddy, my objective was to get my limit and get out. The good news, was the "scoped" knee held up on the climb down and back. No real difference from before the surgery.

Back at the Ab Shack. Perfect size for dinner for two. Without the Ab Slicer, I felt like I had traveled back to prehistoric times, returning to the tools of a caveman cleaning and prepping the meat for dinner.

Fresh abalone- traditionally prepared, Sigrid's Yukon mashed potatoes with chives, a wedge of iceberg lettuce with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, washed down with Chardonnay. Life is good.

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