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Sunday, July 5, 2009

19th Hole

RZ 91
AZ 99
DG 99
MW 105

Amazingly, no blood on the skins - the only redeeming aspect of the day.

I note that some anonymous commenter is posting on today's activity. This cretin apparrently does not understanad that golf is a game for gentlemen. I apologise to the reader for his boorish behavior.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Rick for his 91. I believe that is your best score ever at Lincoln. To bad you didn't win the skins you deserve.

Mike, Given your comments about me breaking 100 at Crystal springs you should apologize after the pathetic 105 at a kiddie course. You're 19 strokes over your 28 stroke handicap. actually Pathetic is being nice. See you Wednesday where you have bragged about kicking my ass. Remember we will be playing on a real golf course.

mw said...

I have no idea who this anonymous commenter is, but he/she is obviously a bitter, mean spirited individual choking on their own bile. Very sad really.