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Sunday, July 5, 2009

At the turn

No beer. No coffee. No Ibu. No cigar.

RZ 44 !!!!
AZ 47
DG 50
MW 53

My knee hurts..

The Z's are Kicking ass. Down 7 skins on mano a mano skins game with Rick. Just waiting for 18 now.


Anonymous said...

Whiner. Roy and I play through our issues why can't you. You realize this is 1000 yards less than a real golf course and a par 65 from the whites and 68 from the blues. Your stinking up the kiddie mud pit.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Even with your bogus handicap you should be shooting 90 at the kiddie mud pit. No beer! A travisty. Boy am I glad I was bumped. Thanks for picking Dan over me. I got to play a real golf course and still have fewer strokes than you will have on the kiddie course. I hope your up for playing a real course on Wednesday.