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Monday, May 29, 2017

Anniversary Day, Memorial Day, Departure Day

Sunday was day two of the Easton Entourage at Camp Shag. We have thoughts of a fish fry but don't really have enough fish for the entire crew.  So back to the yesterday's "scene of the crime" to see if we can catch a few more blugs.  This time we are aboard the pontoon boat, which helped keep all of us safely above the water, but made it tougher to actually catch fish.

We're still dodging rainstorms and did not add much to the catch before beating a hasty retreat from the lake.

 I had to include this picture of Zach icing his knee for documentary purposes. You'll have to ask Zach how this happened ...

Somehow Zach strained his knee after claiming to getting knocked on his ass by Stella,a 20 lb dog.
Yeah, we didn't believe it either.  
This was the one year anniversary for Kristy and Zach, so the newlyweds ditched us for a romantic dinner at the Up North Lodge. This actually turned out quite well, as we really only had enough fish for a proper fry for Wendy, Dad and myself.

Blugs, pike filet, wild rice pilaf, artichoke hearts and Wendy's Portobello avacado salad.

 The lovebirds returned in time for desert and a proper toast.

Monday is Memorial Day and another "too soon" departure day for Easton and his crew.

They have time to write in the book, take a few pictures and then they're gone.

Dad and I only have a couple more days ourselves, so we relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday

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