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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mendonoma Coast - Views, Food, Beer, Teslas

I spent a few days trimming trees, clearing underbrush, and cutting a new path into some of the wilder and more neglected corners of our Mendocino property.  Some get nervous when I have a chainsaw in my hands, but no harm, no foul.

I didn't think the ocean swell forecast looked good enough for abalone diving, but there were some pretty good windows of opportunity over the 4 days I was there. Didn't get in the water, but if the forecast holds, will get back north next week. This trip I just enjoyed the views and explored the local environs.

Hummingbird turf war over blooming Century Plant
(I have some video clips of these guys which I hope to get around to posting someday)
 Sunset off the point

Clearing the old spring box cistern
Sea Ranch was my base of operations for the trip. Since T-Mobile no longer lets me roam at Sea Ranch or anywhere in the Mendonoma area, I had to seek out WiFi hot spots to communicate. The Sea Ranch Lodge and several of the local eateries permitted me a maintenance-level dose of social media access and helped me to avoid a cold-turkey withdrawal from my obsessive on-line addiction.

 Grilled oysters at the Gualala Hotel, Angus Burger at the Lodge, Kielbasa at Bones Roadhouse

Prawn Tacos at Carbajal Bar & Grill ( was Cove Azul)
Sign of the Times - A matching pair of white Teslas charging at Sea Ranch Lodge

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