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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Not Live Blogging Del Monte Golf Course

Playing an Oracle Golf Club event with Brad at the Del Monte Golf Course in Monterey. This is a classic old school course, laying claim to being the oldest continuously running golf course west of the Mississippi River. 

I decided not to blog this round in order to test the premise that by focusing exclusively on my golf game I might post a decent score. I did not look at or take a single photo with my smartphone during the entire round.

However, Brad snapped this shot of my patented corkscrew finish on the 13th hole and I feel obligated to post it. Despite the twisted appearance of my follow through, it was a good result. You can see the ball in the air heading toward the green.

Still, it is clear that my glutes are not firing.

As regards the experiment of focusing exclusively on my golf game...

... another perfectly good theory shot to hell.

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Civic Center said...

You mean we were deprived of photos of the Del Monte course just to try out some crackpot theory? Get back to documenting.

Rick said...

Ditto that.