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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Google Maps found us on the 4th Tee

Screen cap of Google Street View at Lundy Drive & 4th Tee
Close up of above
While we were teeing off on the 4th Tee at Sharp Park, I noticed a Google Maps Street View vehicle cruising by on Lundy Way and wondered if it would catch us standing on the tee. It did [LINK]. Street View Screen Caps:

I waved as it cruised by... Three years later, I finally got around to looking it up on Google Maps, and it's still us from March 2015. I am back-posting these screenshots in 2018, so apparently Google doesn't update Lundy Drive "Street Views" all that often.

I was playing with "Other" Mike, and the starter added single Doug Deng to our group. For reference, here are some shots I took that day, where you can seen from our golf apparel, this is indeed us...

You can find the posts for the rest of the day linked here, and the Google Map location theoretically embedded below:

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