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Sunday, January 12, 2014

19th Hole

Niners, Reuben, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It's all good.

MW 101
RZ 113

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Civic Center said...

101 at Sharp is some good shooting, especially when initiating a new Bad Golfer on hole 3. The "private club" aspect thanks to the 49ers also sounds awesome. I'll be ready for ridiculously early tee times again when the Silicon Valley commute gig is over in a couple of weeks.

tim mckeegan said...

Great stuff, keep it coming. I enjoy the entertainment of your golf game without being close enough to worry that I could "catch it".

I guess I also have to pull for the niners from here.

mw said...

Other Mike,
I've pushed next week's tee time back to a much more sane and sensible 8:18 AM (Lincoln). E-mail blast pending.

I'm not confident the Niners can pull this off in Seattle. Again (like vs GB) I am conflicted and must choose between two teams I hate. Again I have will likely conclude that I hate the Niners less. I will also restore you to the Bad Golfer distribution list, on the off chance you escape The Great White North for the left coast some weekend.

Rick said...

It's worth noting that one reason given by Peele for not joining us was that he was still recovering from my beating him last week. Bob, you missed your chance for revenge. It would have been incredibly easy.