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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Walk In The Woods Redux

It's been a dozen years since the last selective cut on the family forestland and four years since our last "walk in the woods.  Time to take another look.  We were accompanied by the forester who has been consulting with us on managing the property since the last cut, and a (relatively "younger" forester who will probably be the guy working with us in the future.  Me and Harlan, Mike and Emily, and the foresters Ken and Mike went for a walk  (yes - three "Mikes" on the walk).  After a hearty breakfast...

Fried eggs & braunschweiger with grilled onions & rye toast
... we are off to the Five Forties.

This was the first walk in decades in these woods for a few in our fellowship.

Meetup before the hike
We are all wearing orange because it is grouse hunting season.  We did not want to be mistaken for a  smallish brown bird. You never know when ex-VP Dick Cheney might be hunting in your woods.

Some quotes from the foresters along the way:
"This is one of the best managed properties I've ever seen."

"If this was my land, I'd name every tree on the property."

"This is a very healthy forest, but a little early for another cut."
 Some pics along the way....

Over the beaver dam

finding the corners

New owner strides onto her property
Much to discuss...

Much to see...

 After the hike, some Yooper cuisine in a local eatery.

Another fine day in the woods.

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