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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Too Many Chefs Are Never Enough
+ Olive Palooza!

We enjoyed a gathering of the Yooper clan  at camp the lake house on Saturday.  The star of the gathering and center of attention was, of course, Olive. After almost five years of the continuing Olive-Palooza chronicles, we are waiting for some small portion of the adorableness factor to begin to wear off.  We will be waiting another year.

I had the distinct privilege of guiding Miss Olive on her first ever fishing expedition. It was a bit windy, so we motored to the sheltered side of the lake. The plan - bamboo pole, hook, worm and bobber. The challenge -catch a bluegill before we reached the end of a 5 year old's attention span.

Olive held the pole, the worm went on the hook and over the side.  I was still rummaging through the tackle box for a bobber when the line started jumping.  Thirty seconds into her first ever fishing expedition she had her first fish in the boat. A keeper blug. She's a natural.

Olive caught two fish before deciding it was time to head back. I offered instruction on proper Neumann style technique for photographing one's catch...

We gave her the option to let them go or eat them. She takes after her grandfather - pure catch & release

[Editors Note: Video to be added here at some unspecified future date].

Speaking of grandpa, back at the ranch a family feast was taking shape...

MK grills some veggies

Wendy bakes an appetizer
Kris took on Sous Chef responsibility
I pound some fruits de mer into submission

You might think that having four chefs working simultaneously in an antique 10 x 12  kitchen might be a little confusing, chaotic and claustrophobic.  You'd be right. Nevertheless - the dinner was a spectacular success.

Parmesan and grape faccacia, calamari steaks with picatta sauce, grilled chicken, brown rice pilaf, green and orzu salads, grilled veggies, and more. Everyone provided something to the feast. Well - except these guys...

 Brian and Tommy were sent out to shoot a few grouse for appetizers...

Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing. Epic Fail.
But for the rest - dinner was just too good. 

Olive provided after-dinner entertainment and drawing lessons. 

Of course the only proper finish to a day and dinner like this - Fire by Brian:

Olive agrees.

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