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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Papapalooza - The reference post

Lots and lots of pictures. A collage of a few of them (click to expand)

We were in Chicago to celebrate my dad's 90th birthday. My sisters planned a big bash for the extended family which they cleverly named "Papapalooza 2012".

It was a big success by any standard, everyone had a great time.

There is nothing that Wallachs enjoy more than getting together with more Wallachs. A close second is looking at pictures and videos of Wallachs getting together with more Wallachs. This weekend was pretty close to heaven for the family with a gathering of the patriarchs and the generations that followed.

There were a lot of great family photographers at the event. I looked at my few pics compared to others and decided - I got nothing. Instead I put other peoples pics into the collage at the top of the page, and I will use this post to consolidate links to pictures as they are posted on the 'tubes:

I'll add links here as I get them. In addition, Jeff focused on shooting video clips. Everyone's favorite has Dad dancing with his older sister Edith in video 1 of 3 (linked here), the singalong in video 2 of 3 is also fun (if you are a Wallach), but I'll embed here video 3 of 3 for the birthday cake and sampling of Hyman's 70 year old vishnik:

A great event enjoyed by all.

Work has begun planning for "Papapalooza 2022" to celebrate Dad's 100th birthday on 2-18-22.

Mark your calendar.


Jeff Carlson said...

That's a Friday. We might want to bump it to the 19th.

mw said...

We'll need to call a family meeting to discuss. Let's try to get to a decision by 2017.