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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ice Tent - Finally in action...

... so to speak. It took a pick axe, shovel, chain saw, power auger, axe and crowbar to carve a sufficient hole and most of the day before I got the tent up. Everything was hurting this morning.

Heading to the tent armed with my trident and a
jury rigged (duck tape) pole mount for my (hopefully) waterproof camera

My great fear was that I would wake to find the tent blown to the other side of the lake, or the hole frozen solid again.
No worries. Tent was still there, and just a thin crust of ice on the hole. One day left to actually try to do something with it.

Ice tent from the outside

Ice tent from the inside

Ice tent from underneath

So what happened? Net net - no fish. But everything functioned as intended. I was on top of 16-18 feet of water with a four foot iron spear. I had to work out a technique that involved more "dropping" than "throwing". The cool thing is that the decoy actually did draw pike. I could see them circling and one even hit the decoy. I got a few "drops", but no hits.My duck tape camera mount assembly worked pretty well. I got some good video clips including a couple of pike circling the decoy. I was going to post the video here, but it needs some editing, and the netbook I have with me can't handle it. This will have to serve as a placeholder until I get to a real computer with some time.

UPDATE - Finally got around to editing this video:

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