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Sunday, June 12, 2011

In The Arachnitorium

This years "Name that Critter" contest. Submit your answer in the comments.
  UPDATE: In the comments, MK identifies this critter as a "Wolf Spider". While certainly true, I think most would agree this is a pretty lame effort at identification. So let us get a bit more granular here. So far we have : Class Arachnida Order Araneae Family Lycosidae - Wolf Spiders Now we need to know the Genus. there may be some help here or here. For Extra Credit, we never did completely identify our last close encounter with Lycosidae at Shag Lake:

Is this guy a different Genus? Or just different coloration within the same genus? What say you?


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing wolf spider. -mk

mw said...

Alright - MK. I will grudgingly give you "Wolf Spider" - which - IMHO - is only a marginally better identification than "Spider".

It is the next level of specificity where there is some level of challenge. We need some wannabe biologist or arachnophile to do a deeper dive.