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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Escanaba Pail Ale - Bottle #4

Continuing the new MW Mobile Blog tradition of stealing content from relatives, the following report was shamelessly ripped from nephew Roy's blog. Photos, video and copy presented and backposted here in order to preserve the status of MW Mobile Blog as the Official Blog of Record for Escanaba Pail Ale.

The Roy Report:

Tasting EPA bottle #4

The Escanaba Pail Ale was created from ingredients indigenous to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, most notably the water from the Escanaba River, documented on EATARF. This post documents the tasting of bottle #4, the Brett Favre addition, 5 months after the brewing.

First things first, the EPA needs to be rescued from it's frozen crypt.

The hero stands with his prize.

EPA poured into our drinking glasses.

We wanted to make sure that the bouquet, color, head, and taste could be properly appreciated.

A toast to the future, and the excellent (decent?) pictures of the 82nd Academy Awards.

So.... what do the people think?
  • JC: "Light and subtle when drank, almost too light. The aftertaste sustains itself, building to an excellent experience."
  • R(W)C: "This beverage will not overwhelm the palate at first, but provides a taste that has long lasting impact, even after the glass is empty."
  • R(A)C: "Smells bitter like beer. Tastes bitter like beer."

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