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Saturday, March 27, 2010

18th fairway

Rick didn't get the memo on the uniform of the day. Phone is almost out of juice.

Phone went dead as soon as I sent this pic. Back and charged now - final results:

MW- 107 12 skins
RZ - 115 6 Skins

Team 10 under. We did not finish last.

Did I mention that I birdied 18?

-- Sent from my Palm Pre


Anonymous said...

od job mike, now can you retouche my belly on the first pic ?

mw said...

Sorry Marcus,
No edits once a a pciture has been committed to the intertubes. I understand your concern, and noticed your delicate condition when I posted that picture.

However, I didn't want to say anything, because I was not sure if - you know - you were pregnant.

Rick said...

Congratulations on your birdie on a tough hole. It was the most magnificent hole I've seen you play. Every stroke was sheer genius. No one could have done it better.
NOW can I have my car keys back?

mw said...

In case you check back... I tried to send this link to you and Bob, but it kicked back. So either I have the wrong e-mail or the O firewall thinks I am spam.