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Monday, March 29, 2010

Morpheus Racing - Closing in on the finish

More screen shots tracking the race to Cabo. After three days before the mast, Morpheus is closing in on the finish. Depending on winds, Jim may get to the hotel before I do tomorrow. I think Morpheus gets 6-8 hours from Blue Blazes, so might be in a position to beat her on handicapped time.

Watching this animation (most recent linked here), I just realized that Morpheus has been drag racing against Prevail for a couple of days. They've got to be in sight of each other, and one is not letting the other go. The race blog reports Prevail in the lead for Class "C". Go get 'em Jim.

On boat mapper I noticed that Piranha was in this race. "Hmmm..." I think to myself "That name seems familiar." Oh yeah. Now I remember. Piranha had a bad day during the Baja Bash delivery back from Cabo three years ago. I guess this is the owners replacement boat.

You'd think he'd go with a different name.

I'm pretty sure he'll go with a different delivery crew.

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