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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Master Class -MW Morpheus Log Day 12 -12/02 811:30 PM Ship Time (GMT)

Miles Traveled:2124
Miles To Go (to Antigua): 571
Heading: 2270
Current Speed: 8.6 knots
Fastest Ride so Far: Jim/Otto with a 17.2 Knot mark on 11/26

Thought of the Day:
"Alas poor Thomas the trash compactor. I knew him Horatio" - Shakespeare

How many times can I say "more of the same"? It's more of the same. No gybes. No reefs. A little more wind tonight, but still sailing before the trade winds in sunshine all day with good wind, fair seas and a good heading to Antigua.

Today we spotted the sails of Saul Goodman and Ardnagee and they are both now far in our wake.

I'm late getting to this post and want to get to bed after my watch so I'm just going to outline the highlights of the day -

Attended a Master Class of Kim preparing a green curry with our dorado catch of few days ago. Made with ginger, garlic, coconut milk and other goodies. I ate two bowls. This is our third meal with this fish and we still have some in the freezer.

Audited a Master Class of Doug "The Professor" fixing various and sundry things around the boat that needed fixing. Including soldering tiny wires on a bouncing boat in the high seas. Not recommended for beginners. However, he did not fix the trash compactor, which crapped out and he has thus far failed to repair.

Observed a Master Class of Captain Jim prostrating himself all over the boat to get the perfect iPhone slow shutter photograph with Morpheus in focus and blurred rushing and churning Atlantic Ocean in the background.

No fishing today. However a pod of dolphins discovered us and were jumping and playing in our bow wave for a while. Pictures and video pending.

Breakfast (and all day): Deb's fantastic Rum Cake
For Brunch - Green Coconut Ginger Garlic Curry with our Mahi Mahi / Dorado. Except for Jim who ate the curry with Hot Dogs. No. Really. He did.
For Dinner - Shirley's Meat Loaf in a wrap.

Movie Night:
No movie night tonight because it's screwing up everyone's watch/sleep patterns. - mw

My intent is to cross-post daily logs to my blog MW Mobile Blog ( and Jim & Deb's Morpheus Sailing Blog from SailMail. Due to the technology limitations, these will be short -text only - posts. I'll backfill pictures and video once I am home again.

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