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Monday, September 25, 2017

25th Anniversary Season Begins

It's a big one - 25 years - our Silver Anniversary.  Balloons, flowers, cards, gifts, and splurging on a nice dinner are in order for this celebration. I actually count our time together from 10 years earlier, when we decided to move from Kansas City to San Francisco. But I digress.

The official anniversary of our wedding was 25 years ago on September 25, 1992. We had just recently moved into our new condo on Green Street, and renovation work was continuing on our wedding day:

Found this picture of me with my dad, brother and the workmen putting the finishing touches on the wall covering in the same spot as the picture on the top of this post, shortly before heading to the wedding venue.

We've had a lot of anniversary toasts since, some in more exotic locations than others....

This year, we celebrated at Restaurant Gary Danko, one of the finest eateries in The City, and one we have managed to miss before tonight.

We'll be back...

Martini, lobster appetizer, a fine wine...

... seared foie gras (yes - available again while the batshit insane California ban is appealed yet again).  I had the bison, Sigrid had the lamb, we enjoyed a selection of celebratory sweets, and went home with morning breakfast cakes.

Suffice it to say we pretty much floated out of the place on a gastronomic cloud. 

It was a great way to celebrate 25 (35?) years of our life, love, and adventures together...

25th Anniversary present.
... not to mention visiting 45 countries together.

Looking forward to another 25 (35?) more years, and another 45 countries or so.

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