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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fishing Derby Recap

Dad and I arrive at the lake on Tuesday. Harlan & Clover Wednesday early, Brian, Erik, Bowser and Tucker Wednesday late, Wendy on Friday early, Kristy, Zach, Maverick, and Stella on Friday late.

 Fishing is always the first order of business, but the pontoon boat was behaving badly. Sometimes it starts, sometimes not. On Thursday, the boat was working and we were fishing.

We were able to get  the boat started often enough to get our various crews on the water with lines in the water throughout most of the week.

First Fish of the Fall Trip

Erik was first out of the gate with first fish, most fish (3), and biggest fish honors.  By day 2 Dad was on the board and recaptured biggest fish.

We learn that fishing with dogs is an interesting proposition.

Zach had duck on the brain, so really was not a factor.

The Pike Fishing Derby became an Erik, Poppa competition. By Friday Erik was leading 6-5.

On Saturday Dad pulled even with number 6.

Dad graciously decided to give Erik the last shot and retired to football and baseball viewing. The millennial crew boarded the pontoon boat Saturday evening to give Erik a generational boost in the derby. Apparently they spent an hour  drifting 10 feet off the dock as the motor mysteriously failed to start. The Derby finished in a 6-6 tie.

Oh yeah, by Sunday I finally was on the board with a 23" beauty.

UPDATE Monday Oct 3: Everyone departed on Sunday. Dad and I consoled ourselves with fresh Pike on rice using a variation on our current favorite go-to "Tasty Northern Pike" recipe.

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