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Monday, January 18, 2016

Ice Tent IV - The Fish Awakens

It's been over seven years since I gifted an Ice Tent to my nephews and nieces in December 2008. I even providing an instructional video on how to assemble and use the tent. The idea is to place the blackout tent over a window sized hole in the ice, drop a decoy, then spear wandering Northern Pike. It didn't work that year (meaning we did not spear fish). Nor when we returned a few weeks later. Nor when I tried again in February 2012 solo expedition.  Brian and Stefanie's January Chicago wedding was an opportunity to try again. We had a weekend free until I was scheduled to fly back to EssEff.

Weather was perfect:

 Harlan picked me up after work on Friday and we drove to the Lake House.

Arrived in the dark, but cousin Mike warmed the camp and left provisions for a hearty breakfast.


In the morning it was time to set up the tent.

That was enough for one day. We head into Negaunee where Olive and her entourage had prepared a gourmet birthday dinner for me.

It was a warm and welcomed meal.


We attempt to spear and catch pike from our Ice Tent...

We want shoot underwater video, so worked up a Yooper Camera Mount

Ultimately we had some success, in a manner of speaking. 

As per usual, video will have to wait until I get around to editing it, but will be posted here in the fullness of time.

The big question, is whether we have finally determined whether the work is worth the reward. 



tim mckeegan said...

Love the yooper camera mount, also I'm assuming you meant Harlan's work, "Harlan picked me up after work on Friday and we drove to the Lake House."

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on spearing some fish from the shack. Shag Lake in wintertime has it's own beauty to behold.

Thanks for the pictures, stories and look forward to the videos!