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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dear San Francisco,

It's not our fault we have an incompetent buffoon for Sheriff. 62% of us voted against Mirkarimi. Blame Ranked Choice Voting. In the name of all that is good and holy, let's fix this.

- Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Just Vote No on Mirkarimi
Apparently there are people who are still intending to support our incompetent, unqualified, national embarrassment of a Sheriff (I mean, people beside his wife Eliana). No... really... I have it on good authority that there are people who are going to vote for him. I know. Weird. 

As a public service, I have curated a representative sample of articles and commentary culled during Mirkarimi's tenure as San Francisco Sheriff:
And let's not forget this ...
Mirkarimi is an embarrassment to the entire country
You're welcome.

 One would expect that Sheriff Mirkarimi might have a tough time getting reelected given his record, but this is San Francisco. So who knows? Give him credit - he is actively courting some previously overlooked constituencies to his cause. First, he's locked up the Criminal Illegal Immigrant Vote, who flock to San Francisco's Criminal Sanctuary City status. Expanding on this previously untapped criminal voting block,  Ross Mirkarimi recently appealed to the domestic San Francisco criminals for their vote. He is fighting to eliminate bail for indicted criminals in San Francisco and release arrested crooks from jail before trial.  Political genius. With San Francisco's booming crime wave, this could very well be the swing vote needed to put him back in office. Look, I know this sounds batshit insane, and I don't want this to sound like I am saying I told you so...  Wait. That is exactly what I am saying.  I told you so...

In fact, this is when I told you so on 11/11/11,  shortly after his election:
"Mirkarimi is not one of my favorites. Who knows what damage he'll do to the Sheriff's Department. We probably should start on the recall petitions now."
And a few days later, this is when I told you so about Ranked Choice Voting:
"In the Sheriff's election I've no doubt that in a 2 way runoff our completely unqualified sheriff-elect Ross Mirkarimi would have lost to either the 2nd or 3rd place finishers who split the qualified vote and did not campaign in tandem to defeat Mirkarimi. Others disagree. That is the point. Nobody knows, because voters were denied the opportunity to make a clear, simple unambiguous choice between the top two candidates."
Then shortly after Mirkarimi took office as Sheriff, I told you so again and again:
"Like Jean Quan in Oakland, Ross Mirkarimi's election was a triumph for Ranked Choice Voting... "   
"Cunnie and Miyamoto split the rational vote with 55% of votes cast. Under the confusion of and vagaries of RCV, Mirkarimi is elected Sheriff even though 62% of first choice votes were cast against him. If there was a follow-up "top two" runoff election, he has no chance of becoming Sheriff. But there was no runoff election. Welcome to Ranked Choice Voting in the People's Republic of San Francisco."
They say you get the government you deserve. But I say the City of San Francisco is getting a bum rap. It was the confusion and game-playing of Ranked Choice Voting that put Mirkarimi in that preposterous uniform. So, San Francisco, let's not screw this up this time. It is time to put our long civic nightmare behind us. There are 3 candidates for Sheriff:
  • Vicki Hennessey is eminently qualified to be Sheriff
  • John Robinson is not qualified to be Sheriff but would still be a better choice than Mirkarimi
  • Ross Mirkarimi is not qualified to be dog catcher and is an embarrassment to the City.
This is how the San Francisco ballot works. You can make three choices for Sheriff of San Francisco County in order of preference. This is how your vote should be ranked:
Your preferred 2015 San Francisco Sheriff Ballot
  1. Vicki Hennessey
  2. John Robinson (if you want) 
  3. Blank or Anybody else on the planet except Ross Mirkarimi. 


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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