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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dawn Patrol at Lincoln Park

A rare fog free morning - on the 9th green
I generally do not blog my frequent back 9 Dawn Patrol outings at Lincoln Park. Today was an exception. Got a text yesterday from Tim, a bay area expat, now living in the frozen wasteland of Wisconsin. He was in town and suggested we get together. He is one of the few - perhaps only - golf buddy who ever joined me on my Lincoln Dawn Patrol excursions. He immediately signed up for this morning's outing. I brought an old set of backup clubs, which turned out to be relevant.., as you will see from this screenshot...
This is called "Foreshadowing"

On the 11th tee
Out of the trap and over the green on 14
This is where I break him....

On the 15th green, after my 200 yard uphill drive to the center of the fairway, and my Scottish style bump and run approach to the green in regulation. Shortly after this clip, TM broke down sobbing unconsolably on the green. 
Posted by Michael Wallach on Saturday, November 21, 2015
On the 15th green, after my 200 yard uphill drive to the center of the fairway and my Scottish-style, bump and run, approach lands on the green in regulation. Shortly after this clip, Tim broke down sobbing inconsolably on the green.

A practice shot on 17
17th Tee
Tim is complaining about the clubs. It's a poor carpenter who blames his tools. 
Final score:

MW - 48
TM - 53

Just sayin.... 

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Civic Center said...

I am loving that topping the ball is now considered "Scottish-style, bump and run."

tim mckeegan said...

Above decoding of "Scottish style bump and run" is 100% accurate. Topping the ball or a skulled pitching wedge that never gained 6 inches of altitude is more truthful. Oh, the shame in losing!

mw said...

I really thought you guys had a little deeper understanding of the game. Here... this may help:

"You will have heard about the Scottish bump and run or seen it played. This low flying shot lands short of the green or just on the green and rolls out towards the hole like a putt. If you have nothing between yourself and the flag then the bump and run is a brilliant option because once it lands it starts to behave like a putt and can track towards the hole. Links greens can be undulating and sloping and so landing a high chip or pitch onto a hard downslope can cause inconsistent bounces and erratic results.