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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two Cub Fans, Chairman of the Board, and ATT Park

Is there anything sadder than Cub fans in San Francisco?
Steve was the VP of Sales at my first enterprise software gig at McCormack & Dodge in the late 80's. I had some success and made lifetime friends there. I hadn't seen Steve in decades, so when he let me know he was in town and suggested we catch a game, I was all in. We started the night at Momo's (of course), and caught the first period of the Blackhawks sweep of the Wild. A good way to start to the night.

The first inning was underway when we walked across the street to AT&T Park. Scored tickets on the first base side club level and paid below face value. The scalper never had a chance against a couple of old enterprise software jocks.

It was Steve's first time in ATT Park - the second best baseball venue in the country. He was suitably impressed.

It was Frank Sinatra night at AT&T Park. The song stylings of the Chairman of the Board between innings was more entertaining than the game itself. Giants gave up 17 hits and lost to the Marlins 7-2. These two old Cub fans couldn't have cared less. 

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