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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Live blogging Sharp Park

Most of the usual suspects bagged out this round, and Other Bob proved himself unreliable again, so it's me and Brad today. The starter put Tony with the two of us. He is vacationing from Calgary and wanted to play Sharp because he heard it was an Alistair Mackenzie course. He could not have found two better playing partners for an education on Sharp Park history.  Four hour lecture begins now. 

Misting and cool today.  Perfect Sharp Park weather.

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Tony Lo said...

Hey Mike!

Thanks for that memorable round at Sharp Park.
It was one of the most enjoyable rounds I have played. I totally lucked out getting you and Brad as playing partners and getting such a lesson about all things golf, politics and a history of the golf course.
Go Sharp Park Go!


mw said...

Hey Tony,
Whoa. Somehow I missed your comment. Sorry about that. Thanks for the kind words. It was great fun playing with you, and we got some great action shots on the course, although I played down to my usual level.

If you see this note, you might want to check out this recent post on the SFPGA website comparing the original routing at Sharp to the current course. In particular you might recognize the model we used to illustrate the Original 5th (current 17th) tee.