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Friday, August 1, 2014

Not live blogging The Olympic Club Lake Course...

 ... with Brad, Bob, & Zach. Zach arranged to sneak a few of his Bad Golf Association buddies out on the course. I'm not live blogging because on a course of this import, cell phones are not allowed on the course. Obviously, if you don't have your cell phone, you can't take pictures like this one on the practice putting green:

Or a picture of Bob by the famous first tee Olympic Clock:

  Or on the first tee & green:

Or any of these other action shots:

For reasons I don't understand, my phone ran out of juice before we got to the 19th hole. Hard to explain since I was not using it.

In any case, a great day on a great course, although I did not shower myself with glory. Two pars - both on par three holes, but three "9's" and one asterik.  And I only lost one ball all day.

ZN - 89
BP - 94
BK - 94
MW - 111

It's a hard course.

Sent from my Sprint HTC smartphone.


Civic Center said...

I take it you did not break 100.

Rick said...

OMG, you played on a REAL course! Waiting for you to post your score...

mw said...

Your collective obsession with my score is unseemly and unwarranted under the circumstances.