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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Abalone 2nd Season Kickoff - Dive Day 2
2014 Abs # 11, 12, 13

On Sunday we made it to the cove in time for morning low. Not as much sun as yesterday, but warm weather, good viz, and mostly smooth water on the protected north side of the cove.  Easy, relaxing dives. Limit out.

Just a big lake really.
And properly documented with edited GoPro clips from the weekend:

ABCAM II - The GoPro Movie

Harbor seals eagerly await our arrival.

The abs were less enthusiastic about our return.

Until next time... whenever that might be.  


Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

My abalone ceviche' ws ready to eat.

Leah fried up some bacon for the BLAATs

BLAAT (Bacon, Lettuce, Abalone, Avocado, Tomato) assembly line.
On sourdough bread, simply the finest sandwich known to man.


mckeegan said...

abcam the movie was awesome, the eminem song really painted you two Wallachs as badasses braving the rough waters of a protected cove and battling with nefarious mollusks.

mw said...

You never know when a Great White Snail is sneaking up on you out there.

Thank you for the comment. I was getting some shit about the musical selection from certain other parties who will remain nameless but are prominently featured in the video.