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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Progress Report

Back to the salt mines
The Reader may recall I underwent shoulder surgery last July to repair a rotator cuff injury sustained in a sailing mishap. Five months of rehabilitation therapy later, I sent this e-mail to my surgeon and physical therapist regarding current status and expectations:
Dr. Bill,

My next appointment is at the end of the year, but thought I'd provide an update between appointments. As you might recall, one of my objectives was to use my heretofore unused abalone fishing license before the season ended November 30. At my last (11/5) appointment, you suggested that it was still a little early to rope down the hill and get in the water. Well, I waited until the last possible minute in the season and ocean conditions were just too good to pass up. Besides, my Doctor of Physical Therapy (Sasha at Golden Gate PT - also cc'd) offered contradictory advice. Net net - limit out and no problems. Some pics and details linked here:

As you may recall, when we started the rehab after the shoulder surgery, I had three objectives.

1) Fishing in Michigan in October [CHECK].
2) Abalone diving before the Nov. season ends [CHECK]

So far so good, but now your greatest, most difficult objective lies ahead. I am about to embark on the most dangerous game for me physically and psychologically:

3) Golf & scoring in the low 90's in January. [TBD]

This is going to be very challenging for you, my medical support team, as I rarely broke 100 before the injury. However I distinctly recall you suggesting that I can expect my game to improve with my new slow careful swing immediately upon returning to the game.

Just sayin' - You have your work cut out for you.

Mike Wallach
 My surgeon replies:
Great news. I would say with regards to January:
  • Golf - check
  • Low 90's - TBD
Dr. Bill 

And so it begins...


Rick said...

You could be a contenda.

Rick said...

You could be a contenda.