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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bad day at Half Moon Bay

 Our Foursome - Me, Stuart, Brad and Unreliable Bob 
Actually it was a gorgeous day. As the starter told us, it was a "Chamber of Commerce" day at Half Moon Bay. Warm, sunny, mild winds (for the coast), exactly the kind of day you almost never see on the coast this time of year. Conditions were great.  Which just served to remind me how much I hate the Old Course at Half Moon Bay.

Let me be clear. I don't hate the entire course. Just the first 16 holes. The 18th hole is great. And I like the 17th hole because it gets you to the 18th hole. The 18th is one of the prettiest holes in golf. You play along an Ocean bluff and into a castle-like Ritz Hotel where a gallery of hotel guests sipping white wine overlook the green.  As far as the rest of the course, you might as well be playing in a suburban housing development in Peoria, Illinois. I only hit one house with one near miss, and no windows. So there is that.

This was an OGC event, where the two best net balls per hole wins the tournament for the foursome. We had an unnamed unreliable golfer fail to show up in our group. Okay. It was Other Bob.  His absence required the rest of us to rotate hitting a 2nd ball on each hole for scoring purposes.  Our team finished -2, 13 strokes behind the winners. I finished with a 118.

 We'll just focus on pics of the glorious 18th hole and call it a day.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Keepin' it 100 at Sharp Park

  Anyone see that? 
After our team 69 in the #SaveSharpPark Benefit Scramble last week, I was feelin' it. I had high hopes for this round. Of course, I always have high hopes for my round.

This week we had Brad, Other Bob, and Oz - making his first appearance on the Bad Golfer Distribution list.

Oz on the 4th tee
He'll be fine with this crew.

Oz out of jail
Brad says he only shows up to my foursomes for the blogging gifs so he can study his swing. Here's one he can work on...

As for Other Bob...
Bob rebounds with a sparkling three putt bogey on 5 after his snowman on 4.
... I think he was worried about the team autographed Championship Warriors basketball he won at the Save Sharp Park Benefit Auction. I was supposed to bring it with me but accidentally left it at home on display in the den.

I'm pretty sure I'll remember to bring it next week. But I digress...

Bob nicely out of the trap 
We had a rare sighting of a cart girl on the course...

... and the Irish coffee enabled me to achieve the kind of balance that is so important in golf (caffeine/ ibuprofin / nicotine / alcohol).

It was working. At the turn:

Brad    45
Oz       45
M.W.  49
O.B.   51   

Other Bob deciding whether to give up golf on the 10th green
We always take the time to enjoy the wildlife in the park

Heron hunting frogs
 A few more pics:
 Aiming High on 16 
Traditional 17th Tee Selfie
I am always hoping to break 100 on this course. Alas, it was not to be.

19th Hole
Oz     92
Brad  92
OB    97
MW 100

I think I am on the verge of a breakthrough, - a 100% All Animated GIF Golf Post. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

6th Annual Benefit Tournament to Preserve & Protect the Historic Integrity of MacKenzie's Sharp Park Golf

The Alister MacKenzie Benefit Tournament to Save Sharp Park is an annual event that just gets better Every year the local Pacifica community, Bay Area golfers, MacKenzie enthusiasts around the world, and golfing notables gather to support our muni diamond in the rough. With no lawsuits pending and a major political win in the rear view mirror, there was definitely a more optimistic tenor to the proceedings.

The day started cool, grey, and foggy - which is to say - a typical Pacifica day. But the fog burned off by mid afternoon and we finished the round in Malibu-like sunshine.

Brad, Other Bob, and Stuart filled out our foursome. We actually finished respectably - 3 under in the Scramble format - mostly on the strength of (mostly) Stuart's eagle on 9.

 Sure our 3 under par was 15 strokes behind the winners, but it's the first time my group has finished this format below par.  So there's that.

What am I drinking? 
That's better.
Some pics and highlights from a great day on the classic track:

Bob was doing a little tree pruning on the course.

This was a practice swing
My 240 yard tee shot, looking back at the tee toward Bob's far shorter tee shot.

Bob working his way out of the trees
Brad analyzes the break on 15th green

The day wrapped up with a great buffet and a few inspirational words about the status and future of our favorite muni.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Anniversary Day, Memorial Day, Departure Day

Sunday was day two of the Easton Entourage at Camp Shag. We have thoughts of a fish fry but don't really have enough fish for the entire crew.  So back to the yesterday's "scene of the crime" to see if we can catch a few more blugs.  This time we are aboard the pontoon boat, which helped keep all of us safely above the water, but made it tougher to actually catch fish.

We're still dodging rainstorms and did not add much to the catch before beating a hasty retreat from the lake.

 I had to include this picture of Zach icing his knee for documentary purposes. You'll have to ask Zach how this happened ...

Somehow Zach strained his knee after claiming to getting knocked on his ass by Stella,a 20 lb dog.
Yeah, we didn't believe it either.  
This was the one year anniversary for Kristy and Zach, so the newlyweds ditched us for a romantic dinner at the Up North Lodge. This actually turned out quite well, as we really only had enough fish for a proper fry for Wendy, Dad and myself.

Blugs, pike filet, wild rice pilaf, artichoke hearts and Wendy's Portobello avacado salad.

 The lovebirds returned in time for desert and a proper toast.

Monday is Memorial Day and another "too soon" departure day for Easton and his crew.

They have time to write in the book, take a few pictures and then they're gone.

Dad and I only have a couple more days ourselves, so we relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday