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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Fish Fry

There is nothing more traditional in our semi-annual visits to Big Shag Lake than a fish fry. Catch a bunch of pan fish - mostly bluegills - clean 'em, bread 'em, fry 'em (or grill 'em) and eat 'em.  However, in recent years, with the invasion of Northern Pike and subsequent DNR elimination of any size requirement to keep said fish, our culinary habits have changed. Undersized pike are easy to catch, and we essentially treat them like pan fish - except - we're being a bit more gourmandish about the preparation. We're as likely to poach the filets with a bar poche au champagne recipe or saute them in a tarragon, garlic, lemon and butter sauce as we did earlier this week with visiting cousins Judi and Hanna.

Today it was back to the future. Dad, Harlan and I are still catching pike during breaks between rainstorms, but decided go old school and pan fry the filets using flour, egg wash and Italian bread crumbs - aka - Lou's North Beach Recipe. It wasn't completely old school. We did include a few abalone steaks imported from California into the mix. Call it fusion cuisine. But the basics don't change...

 Catch 'em

 Clean 'em

Cook 'em

Eat 'em

Life is good.

[Editor's Note: Your loyal blogger is once again seriously behind the curve on this blog before getting around to his first post of the Michigan trip. As is now standard operating procedure, we are publishing a current post, and hope to move both forward and backward in time filling in missing entries. That is all.]

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Golf at Sharp Park

I have my foursome lined up for the 6th Annual Alister MacKenzie Benefit Tournament to Save Sharp Park on June 3. Between now and then I'll mostly be fishing at Shag Lake in Michigan. This was my last chance to play the muni course before heading East. After our record breaking El Nino winter rains, the course was barely open and not really playable in our last outing at the track in March.

The good news is, this day, the course was not only playable, but actually in reasonably good condition on most (but not all) holes. There is still evidence of a lot of tree damage that has yet to be addressed, and even some recent dangerous tree falls. Since tree work was a major component of the San Francisco Rec and Park Natural Resources Plan recently approved by the SF Board of Supervisors, I am hoping to see some City action to maintain and cut dangerous trees on the course before someone is hurt. Stay tuned.

I scheduled the round with Brad and the starter partnered us with Steve and Matt. Couldn't ask for a nicer day. Just a beautiful day for golf on a beautiful course.

Brad was killing it on the front - 3 over through 9
My golf was not so beautiful, but the regular reader knows that goes with out saying. We'll get the bad news out of the way out front: 105 - 54 on the front, 51 on the back. So it goes. Some action shots from the day...

Brad's approach on 3rd fairway. That's my drive 10 yds in front of him.
 On the 14th Tee:

Matt stripes one on 14 - right next to my drive.
Both of Steve's drives on 14 - first left,  then right.
Brad goes frog hunting with his drive on 14
Matt stripes another drive on 17
Steve goes for it on 18 with his 2nd shot, which would have been great except for that tree. 
It was a fun day despite the score, hope to see these guys out here again. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Near Miss at Callippe

Beautiful day for an OGC event at Callippe Preserve Golf Course. Bob and I are paired with Mark and Jay. Everyone plays their own ball, but we play as a team in a "Two Net Best Ball" event. We started hot. Jay birdied and I parred the first hole. As a team we were 4 under after 1. We finished the day 17 under par, but 2 strokes behind the winners. My "others" on 9 and 18 didn't help.

Bob insisted on documenting my drive on this hole, where I failed to reach the red tees.

Fine. But I need to maintain my "G" rating on blogger so had to censor this image. BTW here is a shot of Bob hitting his second shot out of the rough...

... into even deeper rough.  Also, here is Bob in the sand:

The highlight of the round was Mark's eagle on 14. I didn't get a pic of the approach, but bracketed the gem with his tee shots. I think this was his tee shot on 14:

He skulled his second shot 140 yards out, but it took a friendly bounce off  a green side hillock. Nobody else saw it, but Mark heard it hit the pin, disappear, and thought it might have gone in. He wisely sends Jay ahead for independent confirmation.

Jay finds it in the cup. Defying convention, Mark also hits a great tee shot on 15 after the eagle.

We were looking good on 18, heading for the clubhouse at 18 under, but the team folded like Van De Velde at the 1999 Open.

This was Bob and my scores from the carts electronic scorecard. If it wasn't obvious, I am Player 1. My only par was the first hole and...

... those nines really hurt. I finish with 111. Bob with 100. I didn't tell him that at his handicap his maximum equitable score on any hole is an 8.  He could have posted a 99. Karma's a bitch.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lincoln Park Golf - 1st Day of the Baseball Season

On the 17th tee
Brad, Rick, me on a beautiful spring day at Lincoln Park. This is the first day of the baseball season, so I had to show my World Champion Chicago Cubs colors.

They started us off on the 9th tee, so the usual blogging sequence was a bit discombobulated.  As was the usual mid-round beer retrieval. I had to hit a hook off the first tee (11th hole) to be in position to retrieve the beers from the car parked across the road. We made it work.

Somewhere after the turn:

BK 38
MW 46
RZ 48

 Chipping contest for the extra beer on the 5th green. Rick won. 
Highlight was the 6th hole. Brad and I hit long fades (slices?) around the dogleg right, putting us in position for short approach shots. We both hit inside 6 feet. Here are the birdie putts:

I should have had it, but I'll never complain about a par.

7th Tee drives:

And the 19th hole with club sandwiches, a vegan quesadilla and a new beer discovery - Belgium Bump by Local Brewing Company - recommended by new bartender Yani.

It was a very good recommendation. Final scores:

BK - 80
MW - 93
RZ - 101

I believe this was my breakthrough round.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Eagle Ridge OGC

Played Eagle Ridge on Saturday with Donna, John and Bob in an Oracle Golf Club Event. This was the third OGC tournament this year, but the first I was able to attend. These are low-key tournaments hosted at a variety of courses around the Bay Area. Weather was great, course was pretty (if still a little wet and shaggy), the golf - not so much.

Everyone plays their own ball, but it's scored as a team competition based on the two net best balls of the foursome. I've long held the theory that the optimal foursome in this format is one single-digit handicap ringer (John), one playing from the red tees (Donna), and two high handicappers (me and Bob). Another perfectly good theory shot to hell.  Some pics from the day:

John on the tee
 Bob and Donna on the tee
MW on the tee. 
Bob in the grass.
Bob in the sand.
Why did Bob cross the road?
Bob in the cabbage.
Bob wanted me to show you this pic of his drive, which would be the longest drive if Bob was in the fairway. However...

Bob is in the rough. 
At the turn - The scorecard is mercifully blurred.
We had a few problems out there...

... But the day was not a total loss...

... since Bob brought good beer and cigars. So the score was irrelevant.