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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two Cub Fans, Chairman of the Board, and ATT Park

Is there anything sadder than Cub fans in San Francisco?
Steve was the VP of Sales at my first enterprise software gig at McCormack & Dodge in the late 80's. I had some success and made lifetime friends there. I hadn't seen Steve in decades, so when he let me know he was in town and suggested we catch a game, I was all in. We started the night at Momo's (of course), and caught the first period of the Blackhawks sweep of the Wild. A good way to start to the night.

The first inning was underway when we walked across the street to AT&T Park. Scored tickets on the first base side club level and paid below face value. The scalper never had a chance against a couple of old enterprise software jocks.

It was Steve's first time in ATT Park - the second best baseball venue in the country. He was suitably impressed.

It was Frank Sinatra night at AT&T Park. The song stylings of the Chairman of the Board between innings was more entertaining than the game itself. Giants gave up 17 hits and lost to the Marlins 7-2. These two old Cub fans couldn't have cared less. 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Landsmen Dinner at the Fairmont

Joined the usual suspects at the spring Landsman Dinner in the Venetian Room at the Fairmont. Hey, it gives me an excuse to drag the tux out of the closet every now and then.

The event fit the venue. It's a throwback to a different era in San Francisco - the "Mad Men" version SF 60's with strong drink, cigars, steak and potatoes and politically incorrect, decidedly sexist jokes.

Corsi warms them up.
Can't complain for an intimate dinner of 100+ guests...

The San Francisco Giants broadcast team of Mike "Kruk" Krukow and Duane "Kuip" Kuiper were the guests of honor, hence the ubiquitous orange and black:
Krup and Kuip
It was fun to hear the old baseball stories, including a couple from Wrigley Field, but... geez...  This whole "Three World Series Championships in Five Years" thing is really hard to take for a lifelong Cub fan. 

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

I am kind of a big deal in Tasmania.

Abalone Diving Facebook Page
About three years ago, I set up a "Facebook Page" called "Abalone Diving".  Associated with my personal FB account, it was just a place to post pics and videos and link to abalone related posts on this blog. Just something for dive buddies, friends and family, it never had more than 30-40 "Likes" and I didn't put much effort into it.  I had not posted much on that page this year. The season has been open a month, but I've yet to see the right combination of free time, dive buddies, and ocean conditions. I just added a couple posts about rule changes and the unfortunate, sad, but inevitable reports of dead abalone divers not paying attention or diving when they should not.

Then a couple of weeks ago, this happened. WTF? No idea what prompted that surge, so I asked:

Who are you people and what are you doing here?So I have this little FB page that I set up 2-3 years ago to post...
Posted by Abalone Diving on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Turns out I got the attention of the Maori abalone community in New Zealand and Tasmania. They are fascinated with the size of our NorCal gastropod as their local snails max out around 7-8", and abalone (paua as they call it) is their favorite food.  So we bonded.

This image from this post on this dive appears to be what went viral in Maori-land, with over 62,000 people reached and 400 likes:

I'm now over 3,000 likes and 100,000 visitors with 100's of comments per week on the "Ablaone Diving Facebook page [Linked HERE].

I just thought you should know.

Hopefully the ocean will settle down so I can get go diving and get some more content for these folks.

It's a lot of pressure.

Friday, May 1, 2015

World Golf Championship Match Play at Harding Park - Day 3

Mike and Other Mike flying the "Save Sharp Park" flag at the WGC
Spent a great afternoon enjoying the World Golf Match Play Championship at Harding Park. After a week of sunshine and Malibu-like temperatures, I was glad to see some real EssEff weather (fog, wind and cold) make an appearance.

Caught the last day of the round robin part of the tournament before any of the players were eliminated. The new format made for some exciting golf. A selection of pics from the day:

We spent much of the day following the Bubba Watson / Louie Oosthuizen match. It was an exciting match - back and forth with several lead changes.

Bubba and Oostie surround the green on 19th hole
It took 19 holes before Oostie made a putt...

 ...and Bubba missed. 

We also watched Lee Westwood sink a crucial putt on 17 to go one up on Jordan Spieth, then hold on to win the match.

Westwood sinks the go-ahead putt on 17
Watched Spieth sign every autograph he was asked on the way to the scoring tent despite losing a tough match.

The guy is a class act and a great ambassador for the game.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Flower at Lincoln 17th tee

Cistus, a drought-tolerant perennial, also called Rock Rose or Five Spot. Also comes in white.

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's 4-20. WAZE routes me down Haight Street.

Actual Unretouched Photo of San Francisco Haight Street on 4-20-2015
It's 4:20 on 4-20 and I need to pick up my cousin at UCSF Medical Center on Parnassus. Between here and there is Golden Gate Park and the 420 celebration:

I have come to rely on WAZE to route me around traffic. It usually does a a pretty good job. So what does WAZE do on 4-20? It routes me down Haight Street. Of course.

What should have been a 40 minute round trip, took almost 2 hours. No point in getting mad. Nothing to be done but roll down the window and enjoy the atmosphere.

UPDATE: Good to see those 4-20 Earth Day Values celebrated and promoted in such a responsible way:
When the throngs of stoners departed from Sharon Meadow in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park after the annual 4/20 free-for-all Monday evening, cleanup crews were quick to swoop in.
City officials have conceded that shutting down the event — which sees thousands of pot-smoking revelers descend on the park for the marijuana holiday — is effectively impossible. So police, gardeners and park rangers do what they can to minimize the impacts of the weed orgy....  We were a little more organized this year, a little better prepared,” said Phil Ginsburg, the head of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, as he raked a pile of empty plastic Jell-O shot cups, food wrappers and other refuse scattered on the hill.  “But it’s still pretty nasty out here,” he added.

I have just one thing to say. YOU KIDS GET OFF OUR LAWN!
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

19th. Hole

BP 86
MW 89
RZ 95

89. This actually happened.


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Rick and Bob are looking for their balls on 18.

Bob found his.
Rick did not.

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17th Hole

Somehow this form resulted in 230 yard shot to the fringe. I missed a 2 foot putt for a par. Bogey.

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At the turn...

BP 44
MW 45
RZ 49


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Bob out of jail on 9

From tree trouble on the right, to tree trouble on the left, he is on his way to a "no fairway" bogey.

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"Imagine the ball as a hole in space"

Michael Murphey, Golf in the Kingdom
Michael Murphy from "Golf In The Kingdom"

I started quoting Michael Murphy on the tee of the par three 8th hole.

Rick and I put our tee shots on the green...

... and we both parred the hole.

 Bob finds Michael Murphy annoying. He bogeyed.

Just sayin' ...

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While waiting for Rick's backswing to complete...

... I had time to set up and take this selfie so the golf gods adorning the Legion of Honor can admire my new hat.

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Rick off the Tee

... and into the trees on four.

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Bob inspires us...

...with a birdie on two.

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Live blogging Lincoln Park

With Bob and Rick.

Cool and gray. 

Perfect Lincoln Park Golf weather.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

19th Hole

Fish Tacos, Guiness, and a crappy score, but a great day on the course.

Larry 92
Brad 96
Mike 106
Jim 109

Here is the conundrum...

Bad golf is good for you. I can guarantee you will not get to 19,000 steps walking down the middle of the Harding Park fairway. 

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