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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On civic pride, civil disobedience, civic duty, civic centers and free tacos.

Preparations are underway at City Hall for the big Giants victory parade and celebration tomorrow. Should be quite the spectacle. Hopefully the traditional riot will be scheduled after dark and limited to destroying 2 or 3 more municipal buses.

Every event in Ess Eff attracts protesters demonstrating one cause or another.

Looks like the politically powerful nudist constituency will be making their case tomorrow.  Generally I am pretty libertarian about this sort of thing, but I draw the line on this issue. Most people should be required to wear clothes. Say, for example, the guy in the picture. There are exceptions of course.

There is always something interesting to see on the stroll down to the Civic Center.

This line stretched down the block from a Taco Bell. Apparently they were giving away free tacos as part of a Word Series promotion. This particular outlet is located near the Tenderloin. Think "skid row". Not sure this is what Yum Brands had in mind when they ran this promotion, but these folks were certainly appreciative of the free food offer.

But  - I was not in the Civic Center for celebrations, or protests, or free tacos.

 The Dividist casts his not so secret ballot.

I was at City Hall to perform my civic duty and cast my early ballot for President. If our cab can find a way through the celebration tomorrow, we'll be winging our way to London and Africa. This was my last chance to vote.

I voted for Obama  in the hope of avoiding the disaster of One Party Republican Rule, just like I voted for McCain in 2008 hoping to avoid the disaster of One Party Democratic Rule. That turned out to be even worse than I feared. Perhaps enough independents finally learned their lesson and will vote to keep things divided this time. Neither party can be trusted with all the keys to the castle. Ever. Not under any circumstances. No matter how much you want to "get things done".  If our elected leaders cannot agree to a compromise that satisfies (or dissatisfies) both parties equitably, we are better off with less "getting done".

Perhaps things will turn out better this cycle.We can only...

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Civic Center said...

The nudist protest in front of City Hall was actually today, not tomorrow. Sorry you and your camera missed them.