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Monday, July 4, 2011

Friends & Family Find Fog-Free Frisco Fourth Fireworks Fantastic

We always have concern s when inviting friends and family to watch the SF fireworks from the terrace, as a fog white-out is always a realistic possibility. Lucked out this year with an exceptionally clear night. But first the food:

A traditional American Independence Day spread...

To much Irish corned beef brisket and German potato salad...

- [I mean - way too much corned beef brisket]

Accompanied by tabbouleh and abalone ceviche...

With Italian lace cookies, Megan's homemade cookies and red velvet cake for dessert.


Waiting for dark...

... we never quite sorted out the combination of cousins, second cousins, cousins once removed, nieces, nieces of convenience, friends, etc. especially with newlyweds adding the complication of inlaw cousins of whatever degree. No matter, we whiled away the evening hours waiting for dark with fine food, good drink, and fun conversation.

Finally - the fireworks...

and a spectacular show it was.

Perhaps I'll will add some video clips at a later date.

Abby provided comic relief by renewing her year long quest to solve the golf ball globe puzzle.

No joy.

Finally, everyone was delighted with their parting gifts - baggies of corned beef brisket.

After the guests leave... Lexie solves the golf ball puzzle - in about five minutes. Genius.

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