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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lexie's San Francisco Power Tour

On the terrace with Alcatraz in the background.

As noted in an earlier post, Lexie was unimpressed with her previous visit to San Francisco. I blame myself. To right this wrong, I decided to take her on my internationally renown San Francisco Power Tour.

Where else to start but the SF tourist mecca...

Fisherman's Wharf

Lombard "Crookedest" Street

City Hall

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a visit to the Castro District...

In the Castro

I wanted Lexie to stand where we could see the guy behind her head. She refused, so...

... I had to take a picture of "Epic Proud Guy" by himself.

Twin Peaks Panorama (click to enlarge)

Then Lexie's first Pacific Ocean experience...

So I say "Since this is your first time at the Pacific, Would you like a picture wading in the Ocean?"

The idea was just to get her feet a little wet.

The ocean had other ideas.

Lexie beats a hasty retreat.

Golden Gate Park with dry feet.

Finally - Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge.
Or at least what the fog would let us see of it.

From first picture to last in this series - two hours thirty minutes flat.

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