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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Live at Shag Lake

Sister Robyn, brother-in-law Jeff, nephew Roy and niece Katie have taken a dramatic technological leap forward at our Shag lake cottage with Shag Cam! Live!

The live cam feed is currently located at the top of the sidebar on the right ===>

I took the feed and projected it on my big screen, so I could enjoy my morning coffee on the deck at Shag Lake (pictured above). So far the most exciting bit was watching Roy talk to his girlfriend on the cell phone looking for some privacy out on the deck.

In this screen shot, Roy is launching the canoe at the dock. The tin can is already floating and in the foreground it looks like the visitors are determined to clean up and use the paddle boat. I can't believe they are really going to use it. Surely this is simply an effort to slam the door on the Great Paddle Boat Debate.

Should be fun to watch over the next few weeks.

Only problem I've noticed so far... Due to the unfortunate choice of name for the Cam, the primary contextual pop-up advertisement is for "Love Guy Condoms". Ah well. Perhaps the name will drive traffic from the UK. For any Brits who stumble on this post, yes there really is a Shag Lake, and no, its not what you think.

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