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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Live blogging McCovey Cove & Barry's 756th

I've decided to walk down the hill and supplement my retirement income by snagging Bond's 756th. Just got a feeling that tonight is the night. I am going to position myself along the walkway over the right field fence, where I will be in a position to grab a rebound off of some kayaker's head. I'll be wearing a red St. Louis Cardinal cap, so should be easy to spot. 

Wearing a Cardinal cap is a very tough thing for a Cub fan like myself to do, but it is apropos for this event. It is the McGuire commemorative cap from the night he broke Roger Maris single season home run record with his 62nd home in a win over my Cubbies. I was there in Busch Memorial Stadium that night. I was also there in Pac Bell park the night that Barry Bonds broke McGuire's record with his 71st home run. I got a commemorative black Bond's cap that night too. So tonight I will complete the Steroid Hat Trick and be there to get the big one.

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