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Thursday, September 14, 1995

London Preface - Tourism 101

September 14, 1995

A Memorial Fountain in Green Park  

For fallen Canadian Soldiers of the two World Wars. 

Connections and Tourism 101

I determine that I can get to the net through a local connection to Compuserve from the hotel. I send my brother, Harlan, an e-mail soliciting help with this project.

Armed with a one day Zone 1 Tube pass, we head out for some serious tourism. We go to Buckingham Palace, Green Park and on a Thames River Cruise. We eat pub food and I drank a pint of Bass ale in Soho. We see Julie Christie in a new production of "Old Times", a 70’s era Harold Pinter play at the Wyndham Theater. Then on to a late dinner at Langams. I had Bangers and Mash, Bubbles and Squeek, Sigrid had leg of lamb. Finished the night by losing money playing blackjack at the Palm Beach Casino.

 We had last been in London on our honeymoon in September 1992. Then, we noticed many well-heeled Africans and Arabs in the Palm Beach with money to burn. This time there appears to be more Indians. I suspect the Palm Beach is a leading economic indicator for emerging markets. I make a note to research Indian mutual finds when I return.

Me giving instructions to a Russian tourist on operating my camcorder. 

Cruising on the Thames in front of Westminster


NOTE FROM THE FUTURE: This is a back-post / cross-post from my first on-line journal/blogging effort - a journal of our Southern Africa Tour in 1995. Originally posted to an abandoned domain (, the term "blog" had not yet entered the parlance. I am migrating the original posts to this blog. Links to the original journal Date Index or Africa Tour Home Page will likely eventually disappear. The images from the original post were graphics and screen caps from video which I am leaving in it's low-rez glory for historical integrity. My intent is to also add some of Sigrid's higher quality scanned photos to these blog back-posts.  The difference in images should be obvious.

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