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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fungus Among Us

We had unseasonably warm weather this trip, without a frost or hint of snow. With rain every few days, we had a perfect environment for a bumper crop of mushrooms. The range and quantity was quite remarkable. It was fun to look for and identify. A few were identified by our resident mycophile as edible and incorporated into our heroic eating marathon. 

The star of the Agaricus genus show at camp was the Honey Mushroom - identified and harvested at their prime by Harlan and enjoyed in several dishes - primarily omelets. 

Also in the "edible and consumed" category - the Chaga - growing on Birch, known for it's medicinal qualities, cut into chunks, boiled and consumed in a tea at camp and back home in San Francisco. Also highlighted in a recent Chef Gordon Ramsay "Uncharted" episode.

Herewith, in no particular order, some photos of notable fungi in the area that caught our eye (with identification left to the interested reader) ....


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