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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Poppy Hills

Only two months in, and I am running well behind on my 2018 Golfing Resolutions. Two rounds in two months are not going to cut it and, as a consequence, I've lost ground on every rez. In my own defense, I was knocked out of action for a month by my second bout with the flu this season. But that's over now...

On Saturday we were back at Poppy Hills with the Oracle Golf Club. It was a cold drive down, with temperatures in the high thirties, but fortunately the mercury got back close to 50 for the round. A beautiful sunny day, but with a brisk wind on a challenging course.

I played with Other Bob, John and Donna. This is a winning combination for this "two best ball" team format - one high handicapper (me), a ringer (John), a sandbagger (Other Bob) and Donna playing from the forward tees (who is also a ringer). We came close. The team finished with a Net 12 under par, one stroke back of the winner. I blame myself. Or rather, I blame the flu.

Although, if Bob and Donna could get off the beach, it might have made a difference in the final outcome. Just sayin'

Some pictures from a fun day on a great course:

I think all of my foursome would agree that the highlight of the day was my 300 yard (approx) drive on this hole:
Yes, that's Bob's drive in the far distance 80 yards behind
As far as the final score...

... this was a team event. There is no "I" in team. My individual score is not important.

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