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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Farthest Closest at Eagle Ridge

It's now three months into the year and despite previous protestations, I have made no real progress on my 2018 Golfing Resolutions. My excuse this time was the frequent forecasts for rain in the month of March, most of which proved to be inaccurate. "Yet he persisted".

Rain was also forecast for the March Oracle Golf Club event at Eagle Ridge.

Bob and I were paired with Desmond and Maria.

It sprinkled a bit on the ride down, offering double rainbow as an positive omen for the round ahead. It cleared up when I got to the course and, for the most part, the rain held off and we had a pleasant outing in blustery conditions.

Nestled in the Gilroy hills, Eagle Ridge offers some spectacular vistas this time of year as the wet weather paints the hills a rich verdant green. I've always enjoyed this course, although it's embedded in a housing development which is always problematical for my game. I only hit one house this year, so there's that. Some pics from the day:

The highlight was my drive on the par 3 13th.

At 190 yards and uphill, it takes a driver for me to get there. And I got there - on the green 46 feet 5 inches from the pin ...

 ... and the longest "Closest to the Pin" award in club history.

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