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Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Round of 2018 at Lincoln Park and New Year Golfing Resolutions

 10th Tee
It's a new year, the rainy season is underway, but there was a window between storms on Sunday. Time to get a start on my 2018 golf ambitions. A nostalgic ORCL Alum crew from the nineties, Original Bob, Other Bob, and Joe joined me for a round a Lincoln. Foggy, cool, and sloppy, which is to say, a typical Lincoln Park outing.

They start us on the back on weekends, which is annoying and makes beer transport management difficult (we used to grab beers from the car as we made the turn by the parking lot).  Still, a good day of bad golf. In my case, since I have not touched a club in months, really bad golf.  Scenes from the day:

13th Tee
One of my best drives of the day. Unfortunately there was a tree in the way. 

I hate it when that happens. 
Other Bob on 16
Somewhere along the way we reached that magical moment in the day where we switch from coffee to beer (okay... it was like 10:30).


Original Bob on his way to a par on six
Joe's approach on seven to 6 feet and leading to..
Joe's birdie putt. Or lack thereof. 

Traditional 17th Tee Portrait with Bells Two Heart Ale.

Bob's approach on 1
Which brings us to the 19th Hole...

My scorecard showed BP 92, JF 93, BF 95. MW score was unreadable.
... and some updates for 2018. The neighborhood Tee Off Bar & Grill is closed and the Lincoln Park Burger is now $14. Make of that what you will. For my 2018 Golfing Resolutions:
  1. I resolve to play at least half as many rounds of golf as the President of the United States.
  2. I resolve to play all San Francisco Muni Golf Courses Lincoln, Sharp, Harding, Glen Eagles, Golden Gate.
  3. I resolve to improve my HCP Index to below 29 (Currently 29.7)
Also this:

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