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Monday, January 1, 2018

A Season to Remember

We rang out the old and toasted the new in fine form with old friends at Bix - a San Francisco institution and one of our favorite eateries.

It was a little bittersweet, as Lee, Joanne and company are moving out of our Northern California neighborhood to a strange and foreign land - Southern California. Very brave of them. I wish them the best, but I don't think they even speak the language.

We'll miss them, but it was a fitting finish to our most socially active holiday seasons EVAH! Not sure what it was about this season, but Sigrid and I felt like a couple of socialite swells flitting from one party to another.  Lots of friends, lots of good food and lots of good cheer. Some might suggest all of this holiday celebration was needed to distract us from current events, but in retrospect - if you ignore the politics - 2017 was really a pretty good year, with fantastic travel, astronomical extravaganzas, milestonesgreat fishing, diving and of course - bad golf.

With the holiday celebrations sprinkled amid other responsibilities and projects, this blog was sadly neglected. But we didn't want the good feelings to pass without marking the memories. So without further ado - one big compilation post of too much fun. We'll start at the official beginning of the holiday season...

Thanksgiving with Paul, Sandy and Abigail...

December  6 - The Landsmen Dinner at St. Francis Yacht Club with Lee, Joe, and Don

December 8 - Christmas Party with Paul, Sandy, Lee, Joanne, Mary, Michael and Harlan
[For reasons that I cannot explain, there were no photos taken at this event. Lesson learned: Never listen to your host when they say no postings.]
December 10 - Big Band Bash at The Great American Music Hall with Roy, Sharon and Kristin

December 13 -  Summit HOA Holiday Party with the neighbors.
[Another one where I didn't get any pictures. No excuses. My bad.]
December 17 - Hanukkah at the Summit with Juliet and Leonard

December 21 - Holiday Whiskey Tasting with Bo at the Embarcadero

December 24 - A quiet Christmas eve at home with caviar and champagne.

December 25 - Christmas and Boxing Day with Lee, Joanne, Joan, Chris, Rod

 And that brings us back to New Years (Return to the top of the post and play again). We're grateful for our friends, family and the life we've found here. Looking forward to a great 2018, as soon as I finish my diet and get out of detox.

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GNS said...

Nice pics and nice post. Hope you have a good 2018. Keep up the golf.