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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lincoln Park Rehabilitation

No, not the park, my golf game. I like to return to Lincoln Park whenever I need to get my game back on track. Which is kind of odd when you think about it, as my golf game has never actually been "on track". But I used to break 100 regularly on the par 68 course, and I feel better about my game when I do break 100, so the theory is to play Lincoln and break 100 again.

Played with Bob, Rick and Stuart. Cool and foggy most of the day, with a smattering of sunshine later in the afternoon.

They started us on the 9th tee, which is apparently the weekend drill at Lincoln these days. It certainly makes the logistics of retrieving our mid-round beers from the parking lot a bit more complex and inconvenient. We figured it out.

 Some pics from the day (in no particular order):

Comparing bad golf swings on 13
Stuart tees of on 17
Rick out of the trap on 8
Stuart stripes his 2nd tee shot on 7 (this one did not land on Clement)
Bob takes aim at "Benioff's Pride " on the 7th hole approach
19th Hole
Another perfectly good theory shot to hell.

SJ - 93
BP - 96
RZ - 102
MW - 104

At least I enjoyed the vistas, the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the companionship, the beers, and the burger in the bar. 

1 comment:

Civic Center said...

It must have been a particularly hard day if BP shot a 96. Think of it as an anomaly in your Recovery.