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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winter Golf at Sharp Park

The fairway was a little shaggy
I can't say I wasn't warned. After setting up this tee-time I checked in with a Pacifica local to get the course status report after our record winter monsoons... "the canyon is open but virtually unplayable. They have not mowed the canyon in months. The west side may be getting better but unsure how much they mowed this week." 

I was still eager to get out to Sharp for the first time this year, so forewarned my foursome - sort of. Stuart, Bob and Rick decided to risk it.

Yes, they are standing in the fairway cabbage on one of the canyon holes. And yes, I said the fairway. Wet and shaggy does not begin to describe the course. At least the banana slugs liked it.

After losing several balls in the fairway, we started playing found balls off the tee, then walked up to drop at the 150 yard marker to play in from there. Greens were in pretty good shape.

Can't complain about the weather though - as sunny, clear and comfortable a day as I've ever seen at Sharp.  The course just isn't quite ready to play. Still it was good to get out. "A good walk spoiled" was just a little less good this day. Bob got a birdie on the par 3 8th, and that was the highlight of the round. We did have some good photo ops (with a a hat/tip to Stuart for some of these pics):

Changing shoes in the clubhouse
Stuart on 16th tee hitting into the 17th fairway
Traditional 17th tee portrait with frogs.
Bob off the tee
Rick refusing to act his age.
Rick off the tee

 Don't look for scores. We stopped pretending by the 7th hole. Still it was good to get out and get the season underway.

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