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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Eagle Ridge OGC

Played Eagle Ridge on Saturday with Donna, John and Bob in an Oracle Golf Club Event. This was the third OGC tournament this year, but the first I was able to attend. These are low-key tournaments hosted at a variety of courses around the Bay Area. Weather was great, course was pretty (if still a little wet and shaggy), the golf - not so much.

Everyone plays their own ball, but it's scored as a team competition based on the two net best balls of the foursome. I've long held the theory that the optimal foursome in this format is one single-digit handicap ringer (John), one playing from the red tees (Donna), and two high handicappers (me and Bob). Another perfectly good theory shot to hell.  Some pics from the day:

John on the tee
 Bob and Donna on the tee
MW on the tee. 
Bob in the grass.
Bob in the sand.
Why did Bob cross the road?
Bob in the cabbage.
Bob wanted me to show you this pic of his drive, which would be the longest drive if Bob was in the fairway. However...

Bob is in the rough. 
At the turn - The scorecard is mercifully blurred.
We had a few problems out there...

... But the day was not a total loss...

... since Bob brought good beer and cigars. So the score was irrelevant.


GNS said...

It almost looks like you are using the beer bottle as some kind of alignment aid. But I'm sure that is coincidental.

mw said...

It is important to ensure one is upright before exiting the golf cart.