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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sharp Park in the Mud

 Perhaps my best swing of the day. 
I forewarned the usual suspects that we would be playing a round in between winter storms, which means a muddy course. Bob and Stuart confirmed anyway.

The forecast held, weather was clear and cool, and the course was muddy. We didn't take the usual group shot until later in the round, as Bob did not join us until later in the round. You'll note in these screenshots that the course venue was specified in the e-mail invite subject header as well as the 8:30 tee-time. Just sayin'

Bob was still at Lincoln when we teed off. Surprisingly, he caught us on the 3rd tee. Impressive.

The course was as muddy as forecast. Winter rules. As it turns out, the Women's Club Tournament we thought was behind us skipped the canyon and jumped ahead of us anyway. This slowed things down a bit, even by Sunday public golf standards.  Willie was playing as a single and joined us in the canyon. He was best prepared among us to deal with typical Sunday muni delays.

Folding seat, table attached to cart with drink, snacks, and music. Muni golf at it's finest.
In the hope of following up my decent outing at Lincoln with another sub 100 round, I decided to not attempt the usual live blog on the course. Instead we'll just post a few pictures from the day, with a focus on my new favorite blogging toy - animated gifs. Without further ado:

Stuart misses his putt on 10
I was feeling pretty good at the turn...

SJ 46
MW 49
BP 54
Bob out of jail in 10th fairway

Stuart on 12th tee
You'll note my drive on 12 is not heading toward the green.
Neither is my divot.
Yes, I hit a divot off the tee.

Bob on 14th tee

Traditional 17th Tee Portrait
Bob on 18

Willie on 18

Stuart on 18

Muddy but fun. Didn't quite get there (sub 100) but a great day at Sharp in tough conditions.

SJ - 89
BP - 100 
MW - 103

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