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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mid-Week Round at Lincoln Park

Met Captain Jim for a round at Lincoln before he heads back to the Mediterranean. A cloudy start, but the sun came out and we had clear crisp day.

Jim and Golf Gods on Six

Lining up my birdie putt on 8
Which missed. But I got the par.
Surprised to find the course a little  backed up on a Thursday afternoon. We caught and joined the twosome in front of us. Matt and Caleb, father and son from Wausau, Wisconsin  on their last day of vacation in San Francisco.

At the turn - I had 49. Jim had 55.
On the 17th Tee
Matt and Caleb were very appreciative of Lincoln's spectacular vistas. But - you know  - they are Packer fans. Which is a trigger word for me. They seemed friendly, but - you know - Packer fans.  Well, they are tourists and helping fund the local economy, but - you know - Packer fans.  I retreated into my safe space and tried to demonstrate our famous San Francisco tolerance for diverse and perverse cultural norms such as - you know - Packer fans. 

Matt splits the Golden Gate Bridge towers

I tried to get the same shot with Caleb...
... but the 1 second "burst mode" only caught his extended waggle.
Thought I was getting my game back on track with a 49 on the front, but the wheels came off on the back. My expected breakthrough round will have to wait.

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Rick said...

A man after my own heart. A golf swing is not something to be hurried.

Rick said...

Nice birds in the background though.

Anonymous said...

Finally found your blog Mike. Thanks for the footage of my golf swing. Good luck with the watching the Bears this fall. lol. Matt.