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Sunday, March 20, 2016

19th Hole

The rain started in earnest as we finished the round. As we counted the scores,  Bob decided to test my dietary resolve by ordering the biggest plate of corned beef hash, hash browns and eggs that I have ever seen. I had a green salad.

Despite my birdie, my breakthrough round failed to materialize. Five 7's, two 9's, and a snowman will do that to you.

BK 87
BP 94
MW 108
RZ 108

 On the plus side, I did not have to give up the game as a consequence of playing this round.

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1 comment:

Rick said...

Maybe Bob was upset about losing the beer on 15. Please give the eggs to Sigrid with my regards. They're best fresh. I'll bring you another dozen next month when the craziness is over.