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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Adjusting To A New Driver

I told myself I would never buy one of these adjustable drivers. Why? It makes no sense to screw around with driver adjustments when you don't have a repeatable swing. Which I don't. But this is the  Callaway® Big Bertha® Alpha driver with a Hyper Speed Face™  with a  high strength, forged composite crown, deeper Center of Gravity, Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Zeta Graphite Shaft and New Decade 55g Grip.

And Dick's Sporting Goods had this original $400 driver on a Cyber Monday sale for 130 bucks.

And given this is a Callaway Big Bertha, the most powerful driver in the world and would blow my golf ball clean away, I had to ask myself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do I, punk?

There are a lot of adjustments for this driver.

There is a lot to learn about this driver. I really don't have time for this.  Anyway, I was wondering whether I should practice swinging it before trying it out at the course. The decision was made for me when Brad called to include me in a tee-time at Harding with Larry and Tony.

Fun day, great course, good group, my usual bad golf.  Still working on producing decent animated gifs from the Samsung utilizing burst mode. It's getting there. A selection of shots from the day in no particular order...

Putting on 18 (9th hole today)
This was a very good chip

Larry on the tee
Larry liked it
Tony on the tee
Brad out of the trap
You might notice this is the trap directly forward of the image above.
Tony in the back of the trap
Tony out of the front of the trap
I can't say I played any worse with the new club. In my last three outings, I've played the SF Muni Triple Crown - Lincoln, Sharp and now Harding. Different courses, lengths, conditions, and difficulty. Yet I shot an identical 108 at all three courses. I am not sure of the meaning of this, but clearly the new driver did not matter. Perhaps a minor adjustment or two is in order...

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