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Friday, December 18, 2015

Handel's Messiah at Grace Cathedral

Put this in the category of "Great Things in EssEff That We Ignore For Decades and Finally Get Around to Doing".

Grace Cathedral is an iconic San Francisco treasure just a few blocks from where we live. Despite being in San Francisco for 33 years and in the neighborhood for 23 years, we've never been inside.

Not unlike our experience with Alcatraz, it took an art event to correct this oversight. The event was the 17 year Christmas tradition of the American Bach Soloist's annual performance of Handel's Messiah at Grace Cathedral:

It was a great way to experience the Cathedral and we got two birds with one stone. While we've heard the Hallelujah Chorus many times, of course, we've never actually experienced the entire Messiah.  One lesson learned - it is a long piece, and the "Reserve Seat" folding chairs on the side are not the way to go.

This is an Episcopal Cathedral, there are cushions in "Orchestra Seat" pews which would make for a more comfortable experience. Lesson learned.

After the performance we walked across the street for cocktails at the Big Four, then strolled through Huntington Park to enjoy the Christmas lights.

We'll need to come back and tour Grace Cathedral during the day in order to really appreciate the stained glass and perhaps walk the labyrinth. Hopefully, in less than a decade.

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