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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Here we go again...

Heading down to City Hall for the Round 3 of the latest skirmish in the SF Golf War. This will be in front of  the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Believe it or not, the WEBLEEDU's are fighting a project that will improve the existing habitat for the frog and snake.

Will report on the outcome later. Or not.

Stay tuned. Or not.

 From the SF Public Golf Alliance:

San Francisco Public Golf Alliance

Please clear your calendar for next Tuesday, March 25, 3 p.m. at the Supervisors' chambers, Room 200, San Francisco City Hall, to attend and speak to the SF Board of Supervisors in favor of Sharp Park Golf Course. 

We oppose an appeal by Wild Equity Institute from a unanimous decision Jan. 23, 2014 by the SF Rec & Park Commission to proceed with the Sharp Park Safety, Infrastructure, and Habitat Improvement Project, based on a unanimous decision Jan. 16, 2014 by the SF Planning Commission to approve a Mitigated Negative Declaration and proceed without a full-blown Environmental Impact Report.  Mr. Plater's group wants to halt the project and require a full-blown Environmental Impact Report -- which would delay the project a couple of years, at least.    

This is another hurdle that we must clear.  

In its unanimous Jan. 16 decision, the Planning Commission adopted a 40-page analysis by Planning Staff, which found that no EIR is required here, because there will be no significant negative environmental impacts to the project if the City performs a list of mitigations. 

1.  Sharp Park is historic, course, built 1932 by Alister MacKenzie, history's greatest golf architect
2.  Low-cost golf, beloved by public golfers of all ages, ethnicities, genders, persuasions, economic strata
3.  Founding venue (1955) of Western States Golf Assn., the country's oldest, largest African-American golfing society
4.  Community center and gathering place for Pacifica
5.  One of only 2 reasonably-priced public courses in San Mateo County
6.  A beautiful, enjoyable, sweet place to spend time and enjoy nature and friends and good company
7.  Compatible place for humans and nature to co-exist -- as they have done for 80 years
8.  The work to be done in the Sharp Park Safety, Infrastructure, and Habitat Improvement Project -- much of it ordered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service in October, 2012 -- is for benefit of the frog and snake.  San Francisco is trying to comply with the USFWS directives to build new pond for these species.  And now Wild Equity wants to prevent this work from being done. 
9.  The golfers want a place where public golf and the frog and snake can happily coexist.  The City has come up with a plan to do that -- which was developed by the City's expert consultants and unanimously approved by all City Commissions who have considered the matter.  And the City should now go forward with it.  

Thank you. 
Save Sharp Park.   
San Francisco Public Golf Alliance

Donations are greatly appreciated.  To donate please visit our website donations page

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