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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dive Day 2 - Preface

 In the early light, the ocean is calm and clear again, so heading back to the cove.

Going early this morning to catch the low tide, be that as it may.

There is only a 2.7  foot difference between the  plus 4.7 foot high tide and the plus 3.1 foot low tide.  Still, that's 2.7 feet closer to the abalone and a little more bottom to look for that trophy ten.

Cove condition cooperation continues...

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sasha said...


I looked up your update yesterday and was very pleased with what I saw and read so congratulations and I look forward to hearing all about it. You're the perfect example of hard work and determination paying off! I'm really proud of you and not surprised in the least bit that your dive was a success :)

-Sasha K. (this doesn't mean you can stop doing your PT homework now!)

mw said...

Thanks Sasha - but your work is not done either. As you recall, when we started the rehab after the shoulder surgery, I had three objectives.

1) Fishing in Michigan in October [CHECK].

2) Abalone diving before the Nov. season end [CHECK]

And now your greatest, most challenging and most difficult objective - the most dangerous game physically and psychologically ...

3) Golf & shooting in the 90's in January.

Good Luck. May the force be with you.