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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not Live Blogging Lincoln Park

At the turn

Mike versus Mike in a mid week round at Lincoln Park. It was as good as it gets on this track.  Weather was perfect and the course was in great shape in preparation for the San Francisco City Championship. Which means they actually mowed the fairway and the golf ball rolls on the green. I decided not to live blog the round in the hope it might help my score. Compared to the last outing, it did. Still nothing to write home about.

Mike was leading 51  to 50 at the turn.

17th Tee

Final score: Mike 101 Mike 100.

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1 comment:

Civic Center said...

Though I was enjoying my draft beer on the outdoor patio, almost wish I had gone into the Pro Shop when you talked the starter into letting us play the first hole again for free. "We're both edging 100 for a total score, but screwed it up with two 8's on the first hole. Can we play it again?" "Two 8's? Go for it!"

What happened after that shall remain a secret and mystery.